Publications: What Things Are

Agnieszka Studzinska Poetry

What Things Are

“A subtle and beautiful collection in which – poem by poem – the possibility of true knowledge is tested. Intimate and attentive, each poem returns to the question of what we can know of the world and each other”. Michael Symmons Roberts

“A sparrow in a new corner of the garden, looking -’ the line describes the poet’s son, but might well stand for the closely observant and unexpected ways Agnieszka Studzinska’s poems describe the world. There is care for language everywhere in What Things Are. Each poem seems to be a building block in a personal story of love, parenthood and family, giving this collection a narrative energy and reflecting how we treasure and take care of those around us”. Hannah Lowe

“Arresting and intimate, Studzinska’s poems cast a fearless eye on the world. This is an intelligent and passionately felt book”. Deryn Rees Jones

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