Selected collaboration for the 2022-2023 Picture Gallery Composer-in-Residence Scheme – Royal Holloway

The project collaborates with the music composer Fiz Markham and the Choir of Royal Holloway. I respond to several paintings from the Picture Gallery at Royal Holloway, and in turn Fiz Markham composes her musical score of her chosen poem.
The project presents a brilliant cross-disciplinary adventure. This is an opportunity to explore that dynamic relationship between reading, hearing, seeing, and question the language of these disciplines and my translation of them. 

The Architecture of Painting & Poetry

When talking together about the creation of painting or poetry both Sandra Beccarelli and myself referred to the ‘architecture’ of it: the underlying structure, which makes up the surface of what is written or painted. Looking at each other’s notebooks and sketch books, we were able to see how the other processed thoughts and ideas through words and images. Sandra often takes photos of the physical construction at the back of her paintings as well as the constant changes taking place on the ‘front’. Written words, sometimes encircled or crossed out are reminiscent of notes in my own writing notebooks. Read More…

In the Absence of Visible Walls

In an exploration of urban politics and city spaces, ‘In the Absence of Visible Walls’ is a project that discusses urban regeneration through the lens of ‘the wall’. The wall is visceral and fundamental element of architecture, a 3D representation of the line. It demarcates, it is a boundary, it is architecture making a mark, a point of transition, a division. The wall creates space, it creates community, it is a device of control and power. We therefore position the wall as an architectural device that can be used to explore how we engage in notions of memory, loss, homes, demolition and boundaries. The project aims to bring together the historical narratives of erasure, destruction and gentrification of ‘Robin Hood Gardens’, a housing estate in East London and the space of ‘Manufaktura’ and the boundaries of Litzmannstadt Ghetto in the city of Lodz in Poland (a ghetto that was created by the Germans during the Second World War in the Old Town and Baluty districts of Lodz) through the notion of ‘the wall’. Read More…

Dutch Poetry in Collaboration: Mother-tongues

Agnieszka Studzinska is in collaboration with the Dutch poet, writer and artist, Maria Barnas for the European Poetry Festival 2023. Their work explores the dynamics and hauntings of the mother tongue.

Video Poem, Foundations in collaboration with Andy Bullock

A collaboration between Andy Bullock and Agnieszka Studzinska