Waiting for spring to kick in, feeling lethargic and overwhelmed.  I am moving on the 26th March and a bit in denial.  Looking forward to the Easter break, though most of it will involve unpacking, haven’t written anything for a little while and really need to get something out.  Already started on the second collection, even though the first one isn’t out as yet……the jacket has been finalised and it’s about to go to print, it’s like an overdue baby.  Talking of which, little Maja, who is not so little anymore has turned into the most funniest, cheekiest little person ever ( I guess all parents say that about their own children) but she really has.  She keeps asking me “what I am doing?” all the time. O.K I know that is not funny or that cheeky, it’s just those are the words I associate with her at the moment, them and “Go away” another term she has skillfully picked up – But from whom…?