A review of Gail Ashton's The Other Side of Glass in Eyewear    

Isleworth Library

A writer having a good time A busy audienceAt long last, a post. A truely engaging and interactive evening at Isleworth library. There is definitely something intimate about readings in libraries, the environment just lends itself to a warm reception, author/audience...


I am starting an online course with the Poetry School, 'Poetry and the Visual',' Tamar Yoseloff as tutor, we have assignments and homeowork; there's nothing like pressure to get creative.

Black Raven

This is the title of a new poem I am working on, actually working on in my head.  I was listening to radio 4, Woman's Hour, few days ago and apparently, the term, 'Black Raven' in Germany is given to women who choose to go back to work, implies a bad mother. It was...

Out & About

Things have been a little quiet on the blogging front.  Family life has taken over.  I am however, writing small reflection pieces on how to read poetry for a local magazine in Isleworth, called Out & About. I shall also be reading at the Oxfam Bookshop in...


A poem inspired by the artist Paula Rego of her painting 'Dogwoman'.  Read it in, ink-sweat-and tears. I hope the poem touches on more then just childbirth.


From this.. To this.. To last Jozef (zefi) came into the world on the 29th January 2011.  Pure poetry.


I have given myself a few deadlines on the poetry front, few submission, few articles to write, some poems to revise before the submissions, some poetry festivals contacted. Everyone needs a deadline as a form of motivation.  This could be a last minute panic before...

A Wish…

I wish, I wish...aaah that would be telling.  Birthdays are never the same, the older you get.  Not sharing a birthday with no 2, so I guess that is probably a good thing.  Looking for inspiration, waiting for poems and baby. Trying to update this blog slowly, so...


Waiting is like inspiration, the sea, the curling of rain in the clouds... Apparently baby no 2 is to arrive today, no signs yet, maybe tomorrow, although tomorrow is my birthday and I don't feel like working that hard.